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Auto Repair Order Software Feature List

Enter Work Order information from one screen

When you enter a new Work Order a customer selection table allows you to the pick an existing customer or add a new one. Once the
customer has been selected, all the information about that customer is brought into the Work Order for you. Click on the parts button and add
as many parts as you want. The parts are totaled for you and the totals are brought into the work order. Click on the Labor button and add the
labor. The labor totals are brought into the Work Order for you. Hazardous waste is an example of one item that can be put in Other Charges.
This is added the same way.

Taxes are applied according to the percentage you enter in Company Setup.

You can add discounts and Supply Charges. Supply charges would be a percentage of the parts price to help calculate a disposal price.
Example items such as brake fluid, power steering fluid, etc. could be included under supply charges.

Click one button and get a profit report for any invoice or estimate you do at your repair shop. This is a great report for auto, boat and other
repair businesses.

Work Orders can be paid in full or charged. When charged you can make payments on the completed work orders.

Print a list of all customers with outstanding balances or print copies of the work orders to mail to customers.

Customer History

Have you had a customer come in that you did work for 6 months or a year ago?

Did it require you to search through file cabinets and boxes for hours to find a copy of that Invoice?

I'm sure you could have been doing something more profitable!

With Digital Wrench you can bring up a customers old Invoices in Seconds by clicking on the customer history button. All Work Orders for
that customer display allowing you to pick the one you want. You can look at all the parts, labor, etc. for that Work Order. You can even print
the customer history you want; for one Work Order, or for all Work Orders! Don't work hard, work smart using our software in your auto,
boat, or other repair shop.


Labor can be imported from the Real-Time Labor Guide©, if you have that installed in your auto shop.

Add labor 'on the fly' for work you don't do often or any time you want.

Labor can be added to a labor list you can use over and over again. If you change your labor rate the change to the labor will be automatic
unless you do an override for that job.

Labor descriptions can be a couple of words or up to 1000 characters.

Inventory and parts as you go

Items can be entered into the Work Order as you buy them or from inventory.

Inventory is standard in Digital Wrench, however, if you do not want to use inventory, you can enter parts as you use them for each work

When entering inventory, parts are put into categories to help you find them quicker.

Example: Drive Shaft, Universals, Heater & Air Conditioning, etc. - there is no limit on categories.

The quantity in stock, quantity on order, date purchased, cost, retail, number sold, location, vendor, minimum in stock,  part number, date last
sold and number sold, are all tracked for you. When parts are ordered, the quantity is automatically tracked in the On Order field for that part.
When they are received, the quantity received is put in the quantity in stock and that number is subtracted from the quantity on order.

As you make Work Orders, the parts are put On Hold, and that number is subtracted from In Stock. When the Work Order is completed, they
are taken away from the On Hold.

A mark up field is available for adjusting your retail price. You can also set a different markup for wholesale customers, great for an auto
shop that has fleet work.

The Major transaction report, the Activity Report, Shows the income for parts, labor, and other charges by category. It also shows the
technician information and Repair Order (Work Order) information. As you use the program, it will show you a comparison on the same time
period last year, last month, year to date, last year for same year to date, and all of last year. This is a great report for owners that like to keep
a close eye on trends.

Suggest Repairs

The customer memo prints on the invoice allowing you to enter notes that suggest needed repairs for auto, boat, or any business.

Part ordering capabilities

Ordering parts is easy with Digital Wrench. Click on the shopping cart and pick the vendor. Click Insert to add a part to the order. If the part
has been ordered by you before, you can lookup the part instead of typing in the information all over again. Digital Wench will mark the part
as on order, with the quantity ordered added to the part.

To receive the parts when they come in just click on the IN button. The parts will automatically be entered into inventory.

Parts that have a minimum quantity entered will automatically put on a re order list for you. From this suggested re order list you can put the
item on order or cancel the suggested re order with just the click of the mouse.

Vendor List

Digital Wrench maintains your vendor information to make it easy to lookup phone numbers and contact information.


Invoices can be printed any time. If you forget to print an invoice one can be printed later. Invoices work on any Windows supported printer
and use plain paper. * New 10/2000 - You can pick one kind of invoice for estimates and one kind of invoice for work orders. There are now
5 types of invoices, two print a to do list that be given to the technician. One invoice has estimate information for revised estimates used in
California and other states. 

Technician tracking in our repair software

Technician information can be added to every Work Order to track work done by that technician.

The technicians can be entered as a number code or a name. There is no limit on the number of technicians. The field that holds technician
information is large enough that two or more technicians can be used on one Work Order.

For shops paying commissions a new commission feature and reports show what your technicians have made, very popular with auto repair


Software Setup

These options can be set not to display.

1. Insurance entry information. 
2. Vehicle options like auto trans, drive train, etc. 
3. Engine information for auto, boat, small engine. 

For repair shops that do not do automotive repairs the ability to turn these off makes our software very flexible.
Logo on invoice 1,2,,4,5,9 - Create a logo in jpg or bmp and print.
Technician commission universal percentage
Sounds to exit, start, and password.
Lookup for Real Time Labor Guide for auto repair shops.
Company ID#.
Universal labor rate
Switch in Company Setup for Canada, GST - PST - Postal Code - Providence in customer forms, vendor form and company form.


Name, Company name.
Home Work, Cell phone numbers.
Referred by
Not Taxable
No limit on vehicle's or machines for customer.

Vehicle/Machine History - Any Kind of Vehicle, not just Auto

Click on the H, the history button, and choose the method you want to search by.

You can search by Customer Number, Vehicle Make, V.I.N. Number, or the license number by clicking on the tab you want.
Auto repair shops will find this search very useful.

Click View History and you can view, all the information about that Work Order.

To print the information just click on the print button.

Marketing features added.

1. Set up the category you want the reminders for in the Reminder master list.
2. When a Work Order is completed with that category a reminder is put in the list.
3. Make a letter you want to send to the people in the reminder list.
4. Print letters and/or labels to people in the reminder list.
5. Print Postcards

You can also print letters and labels to everyone.

Work Order

Labor handles up to 2000 character memo about work done.
Vendor on Suggested re order screen. 
Profit reports - profit 1 invoice, all completed, completed with balance or zero balance.
Memo's for work orders.
Separate invoice for estimate and work order available
Package feature for creating and using packages to save time.
Separated Completed work orders with balance and no balance.
Parts keep date on add and change if one exists.
Technician added to labor in work order/estimate. 
Odometer to handles 9,999,999 miles for diesel repair or other high mileage repair application.  
Part# in inventory goes to 30 characters.


Up to 24 characters for parts number.
Date Bought
Retail Price
New, Used, Rebuilt
Special Tax
On Order, On hold, number sold, minimum, maximum, re order qty.
History of parts sold.

Packages can be setup for common work like oil changes with labor, parts, and special charges.

These packages are great for auto shops, boat shops and other repair shops that do the same kind of repairs over and over again.

When parts reach minimum levels they are put into a suggested re order list, where you can choose to order them.
Receive order puts parts in inventory.


Profit reports - profit 1 invoice, all completed, completed with balance or zero balance
Customer referred by report 
Do report for technician.
3 reports for profit with detail of labor & technician. 
Report for technician hours, includes wages ( per hour ).
Cash for the day, with end of day report.
Tracks the daily cash and charges and transfers to a monthly file at the end of the day.
Reports can be printed for any date range you pick.

Inventory Reports are available showing:

Minimum in Stock by Category
Minimum in stock by Vendor
Out of stock
Out of stock by vendor
All inventory
All inventory by Vendor
On order
On order by Vendor
Labor category list
Other charges list.

Transaction reports

These are the reports that can show you the important information on how your business is doing.

By Transactions

Reports on daily cash by category shows your income for each category, like starter work,  for any date range .

By Technician

Shows how much each technician has done in labor, parts etc. for any date range.


Security added for technician edit and report .
Clock in and Clock out for technician's. (Time Clock).
Editor for technician hours. 

19 areas of the program have security.

Accounts Receivable - For shops that do billing Digital Wrench has been integrated with VMT Software's AR. Payments made from AR go
right into your daily cash file. Interest can be charged, payments can be made on several invoices at once and statements can be printed for
one or all customers.

AR - $99.00 extra

Features of our repair software for auto repair, boat repair or any repair business.

Auto repair shops we have added several features that can be turned ON or OFF depending on the auto repair shops needs. Auto repair shops
that do not want to track insurance information can turn that option off where as auto repair shops that do need insurance can turn that on.
New options for boat repair have been added that will allow making custom lists for emailing. A creative auto repair shop could also use this
feature to set up what we call user defined fields they can search on and create mailing lists with.

Many auto repair businesses find they need a easy to use auto repair software program like Digital Wrench.

Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7and 8.
Automatic on line upgrade feature added for free interim upgrades.
Unlimited customers, inventory and history.
Unlimited Work Orders, Estimates and customers.
Import feature imports CSV files into inventory. We have imported the entire 40,000 plus parts list from Cummins.
Lookup for Real Time Labor Guide for auto shops.
File Manager feature is built in for rebuilding files that may get damaged by power failure or other computer problems.
Technician tracking in labor, parts and repair orders.
Logo on invoice 1,2,4,5,9,14 - Create a logo in jpg or bmp and print.
Multiple color themes allow you to change the way Digital Wrench looks, are built in standard.
Works with all versions of Windows.
Email Letter editor and sending program. (Optional)
Fields in the customer form can be used for queries, you can put anything in those fields.
Part numbers, in all files handle 30 characters. Some reports will not show all 30 characters.
Location file for looking up the location in the parts file.
Work Order memo is 2000 characters.
2000 character extended description to the parts and the inventory.
Import program with an automatic backup facility.
Option for Emailing Invoices (or estimates or WIP's) to customers.
Put in your own subject line, and text so the Email which has the attached PDF Invoice can be changed.
Option for When you Email invoices to choose a pre-made letter from your letter editor.
With optional Leditor, you can also use HTML letters.
Unlimited Pictures to each work order. The pictures can be set in a certain order and are stored in the images folder.
Email and SMS text messaging for customers.
Feature to charge a customer a special tax rate, they can pay none, tax 1, tax 2, or both.
Expanded VIN/Serial # field 40 characters.
Split payment capability for mixing payment types.
Option to undo (or return) a deposit.
Feature for changing the customer on a repair order.
Import program for importing CSV data from parts databases.
If a customer has a pre-pay, you can return it separately.
New Repair order cloning feature, saves time when doing the same kind of work.
New Backup program saves seven days of backup information making your data more secure.
Optional X-Charge credit card processing.
Search for parts by part #, description, or default category when searching for parts using Add from list.
Set software to use Repair Order or Estimate as a default. So if you don't do Estimates you go straight to RO.
Canadian invoice, number 15, good for many business models.
Select one customer feature. From Browse work order choose a customer and see all work done for that customer.
Search by description or category when looking for a labor item in the labor list.
Customer lookup by vehicle when adding a estimate or invoice.
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