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Digital Wrench One Computer Digital Wrench Multi-Computer*
Purchase Option


Includes 1 year support and upgrades.
(No Monthly Fees!)
Purchase Option

795.00 per shop, one location.

Includes 1 year support and upgrades.
(No Monthly Fees!)

Subscription - Single Computer

34.95 a month.
Includes free updates and support.
Subscription - Multi Computer System

49.95 a month.
Includes free updates and support.
Up to
2 computers

Auto Repair Software Pricing for Digital Wrench

Our goal is to provide affordable auto repair software that will track your repair orders, history of work done, inventory, customers, and promote your business all at a price you can afford.

Remember, the cost of software is not purely based on it's price! Consider upgrades and support with anything you are looking at. Watch the videos, Take the screen tour, and give us a call.
Options Available Option Pricing
Email and SMS Text Messaging Included in purchase.
Scheduling Included in purchase.
Bulk Email Software 5.00 Subscription or 99.00 One Time
Point of Sale $295 purchase or 19.95 a month subscription
*Multi-Computer means more than one computer on a LAN (Local Area Network) in one physical location (shop). All workstation computers will be accessing the same data on the main computer.

Call if you have questions. 1-800-457-7818
  Comparison of a Lease to a Purchase
Advantages of a Lease Advantages of a Purchase
Low Startup Costs
Support Included
All Updates Included
No Contract
No Monthly Fees
Email Option is Included
Scheduling Option is Included
No Contract

In the auto repair software world you have a lot of software available. Some auto repair software is very expensive and really does a great job.

Some auto repair software is complicated and if you can learn it, it too will do a great job.

If you are looking for an auto repair software that's affordable, easy to learn and will meet the needs of most small to medium size auto repair shops then take a good look at our Digital Wrench program for your auto repair shop software.

Refund Policy

Our trial version is the real software. It will stop once it reaches a certain number of customers, transactions, and inventory. This gives you the ability to use the software and make sure your happy.

If you are not sure Digital Wrench will work for you, but you think it will, then subscribe for 30 days to be sure. In the remote possibly  you do not get along with the software you have only spent $34.95.
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